Race Day Rehearsal

You’ve put in the miles.  You’ve avoided injury.  You’re in your taper.  Your training has set you up for a PB performance.  And it all starts to unravel on race day morning.  With my first marathon only 2 weeks away, today I had a dress rehearsal.

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Training Peak – Now To Taper

Thirteen weeks ago I started training for my first marathon.  I’ve pushed myself more than ever, setting both personal firsts and bests.  This weekend sees my training peak and embark on my first proper taper.

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Going the #extramile with Martin Yelling

Back in January I was asked to get involved as an #extramile ambassador.  As a thank you they invited me, and my fellow ambassadors, to a marathon training day led by top coach and Marathon Talk host, Martin Yelling.  It was a great day so I’d like to share the key hints, tips and advice to help with your own marathon training.

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Caught Short On The Long Run

As ever when you’re training for a running event, the weekend is all about the Long Slow Run.  Only after I started training for the London Marathon and doing the lab test did I realise that I’ve never run the LSR slow enough!  With the distances required for the marathon I’ve had to discipline myself to keep it steady.  Today was due to be my longest ever run but it didn’t quite go as I expected.

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Tough Undulations: Watford Half Marathon Review

As part of my London Marathon training plan my coach wanted me to find an early half marathon to really test myself and help inform the rest of my training.  I chose the Watford Half, 12 weeks before the London Marathon, and it definitely turned out to be a test!

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My journey from charity plodder to running coach (and back again!)


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