Porridge Swap Begins


Here’s something I’m helping to initiate for the charity I ran London Marathon for. It’s not your usual fundraising plea…

Originally posted on #PorridgeSwap:

Welcome to the official launch of #PorridgeSwap!

Inspired by the “one red paperclip” story, the premise of Porridge Swap is simple: start with a portion of instant porridge, swap it for something bigger and better, then continue to swap for 12 months before auctioning the final item to raise funds for African Children’s Fund to support projects like their Porridge Clubs in Kenya.

Kenyan Porridge Club One of the Kenyan Porridge Clubs supported by African Children’s Fund

Starting in Small Charity Week 2015, the #PorridgeSwap will continue until the start of the 2016 Small Charity Week, when the final item will then be auctioned.

So how will it work?

  • Each item will be listed in its own post
  • We’ll invite you to make an offer of what you’re willing to swap
  • Once we’ve received an offer or two we’ll announce a deadline for any more offers
  • Then we’ll review all…

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Juneathon 2015 Day 29: The One With The Achievement

The penultimate day of Juneathon seems to have arrived quickly this year.

I got home from work, cooked dinner and then it was time for tennis.  On the TV.  Yep, the start of Wimbledon inspired me to sit on my backside!

Once the coverage was over I set to doing some heavy lifting in the study.  It wasn’t dumbbells but stacks of old Professional Photographer and Association of Project Management magazines.  We’re clearing out the study (aka the junk room) as the new sofa bed arrives this weekend.

As part of the clear out I uncovered this item that a select few of you may recognise:


It’s funny how, back in those days, there’s no mention of running!

Juneathon 2015 Day 27: The One With The Fun Run

I’ve begun using parkrun more regularly for a Saturday morning session but this Saturday I was taking part in another run instead.  The town of Witney came together for a fun run to mark the start of Lib Fest – a memorial day for a local girl who died after being knocked down by a car on her way to school.

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My journey from charity plodder to running coach (and back again!)


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