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As runners, we run mile after mile but rarely challenge ourselves over the iconic distance of a mile.  Be inspired by the first sub four minute mile and challenge yourself to run a single mile as fast as you can this summer with #RunYourMile.

In 2014, the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s first mile in under four minutes inspired me to explore the mile distance.  I set myself a challenge to find 59 other people to run a mile on the anniversary of this amazing feat.  Thanks to the information superhighway I was able to find a wonderful bunch of people from around the world to share in this commemoration.

My marathon training and recovery got in the way of resurrecting the challenge in 2015, but free from that pressure, I am looking to bring #RunYourMile back, extending it to a summer motivational challenge.

Will you #RunYourMile this summer?
Will you #RunYourMile this summer?

What is #RunYourMile?

Challenge yourself to run a mile as quickly as you can between 06 May (the anniversary of Bannister’s record) and 06 August.

How does #RunYourMile work?

  • Sign up to #RunYourMile for free, here
  • Run a single mile as fast as you can between 06 May 2016 and 06 August 2016 (inclusive)
  • Run on your own, in a group or as a relay – tell us who you ran with when you log your mile
  • Run uphill, downhill or on the flat – tell us about your route when you log your mile
  • Run on road, track or trail – tell us about the terrain when you log your mile
  • Log the details of your mile, here
  • Log as many attempts as you want during the three months

This year the #RunYourMile challenge is just for fun but if it proves a success then maybe we can attract some sponsors and brands to provide some prizes for next year.

So click this link to complete a short Google Form to sign up for #RunYourMile and get ready to run from 06 May!

Feel free to use the #RunYourMile hashtag on Twitter to share the challenge as well as your own mile stories and photos.

Good luck and #RunYourMile with a smile!


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