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#RunYourMile Lockdown Motivation

We’re in unprecedented times. Races are being cancelled like never before and exercise is being rationed to once a day which is leaving many people with missing motivation. So I had an idea to resurrect something I did a few years ago to offer something to focus on and provide an opportunity to come together while we’re forced to keep apart.

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Where will you #RunYourMile?

It’s  a little over a week since the launch of #RunYourMile 2016 and the mile attempts have started to be logged.  There are still a lot of runners yet to log their first mile so to help, I’ve put together some ideas of where you could #RunYourMile. Continue reading Where will you #RunYourMile?

Breaking The Barrier: The 4 Minute Mile

The year was 1954 – a different time.  Queen Elizabeth II was just a year into her reign, post-war sugar rationing had not long come to an end, little more than 25% of families had a television and the human body was stubbornly refusing to run a mile in less than four minutes.  Until a 25-year-old junior doctor named Roger Bannister returned to the Oxford University track at Iffley Road to record the first ever sub four minute mile. Continue reading Breaking The Barrier: The 4 Minute Mile