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Running Slow To Run Fast

There’s still plenty of running to do in 2016 but with all my target races completed it’s time to relax and look back on my running year.  And what a year it turned out to be!

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Even Pacing is Good For Racing

Hauling yourself out of bed on a cold, soggy Saturday morning and heading to an exposed Warwickshire airfield to run round in circles doesn’t sound that appealing but I had something to prove.

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Today wasn’t a bad day at work, just not the best.  These sorts of days make me more determined to succeed, not just at work but in my personal endeavours too.

And today’s personal endeavour was my 22nd plank of Janathon, the challenge to do some form of exercise every day of January.

I made sure I held this one for as long as possible.  It worked: another personal best!

Plank duration : 2m 36s
Janathon planks : 22 out of 22
Plank streak : 22

Improvement of 1m 34s since January 1st.  How much more can I squeeze out before the end of Janathon I wonder?