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Where will you #RunYourMile?

It’s  a little over a week since the launch of #RunYourMile 2016 and the mile attempts have started to be logged.  There are still a lot of runners yet to log their first mile so to help, I’ve put together some ideas of where you could #RunYourMile. Continue reading Where will you #RunYourMile?

Tough Undulations: Watford Half Marathon Review

As part of my London Marathon training plan my coach wanted me to find an early half marathon to really test myself and help inform the rest of my training.  I chose the Watford Half, 12 weeks before the London Marathon, and it definitely turned out to be a test!

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Look Who’s TORQ-ing: Tasty Energy Gels

This year my running pace has come on in leaps and bounds so I wanted to take my race nutrition more seriously but I hadn’t got on with any of the bars and gels I’d previously tried.  That was until I found TORQ.  Anyone for apple crumble?

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Eating On The Run

I’ve spent the Spring getting faster and running shorter races than I’m used to but it’s time to get back to endurance in preparation for my assault on the Great North Run in just 8 weeks time.  As well as having to run further and longer, it also introduces the additional challenge of taking on food and water on the go.

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