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When do running shoes wear out?

Running shoes aren’t cheap but they’re probably the most important piece of kit to keep your running on track and injuries at bay. They don’t last forever so when should you change your trainers?

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Hoka Clifton 2 Review

Earlier last year I was given the opportunity to try out some Hoka trainers.  Unfortunately, coinciding with the training peak for my first marathon wasn’t great timing to try something new.

I gave the Conquest 2 road shoes a shot but they were nothing like I expected them to be.  The Challenger trail version were much more comfortable but mara-noia meant I was steering clear of trails.

So when I was approached to try a pair of Hoka Clifton 2 I was reluctant to give them a shot.  I did have another idea following a conversation with Jacqui, a fellow Witney Road Runner, who had heard great things about Hokas and was keen to give them a go.

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#Janathon 2015 Day 31 – What a month!

The last day of Janathon was due to be the first time I volunteered at parkrun.  The weather had other ideas.  From nowhere, we awoke to a covering of snow which, due to understandable safety concerns, put paid to my tail-running duties.  It didn’t stop me going for a relaxing leg loosener before tomorrow’s Watford Half though.

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#Janathon Day 14 – My Running Short Story

You’d think getting a decent pair of running shorts would be easy.  There’s not much I look for in running shorts.  In fact, I think less is more.  Am I the only runner who doesn’t want pants built into my running shorts?  It would appear so.

And here lies my Running Short Story:

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Look Who’s TORQ-ing: Tasty Energy Gels

This year my running pace has come on in leaps and bounds so I wanted to take my race nutrition more seriously but I hadn’t got on with any of the bars and gels I’d previously tried.  That was until I found TORQ.  Anyone for apple crumble?

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Running Watch Review: #GetsMyHeartRacing

Last month I was selected to be part of a Running Bug team to put the new TomTom Runner Cardio watch to the test.  Having used the adidas miCoach SmartRun watch for the last 9 months it was a great opportunity to put them head-to-head.

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Keeping Hydrated: Morning, Nuun & Night

In the past I’ve paid little attention to race fueling or hydration, previously leaving things to chance.  As improving PBs is getting harder I’ve started to consider my fueling and hydration strategy.

Co-incidentally, or perhaps it was the running (or Twitter) gods, I noticed a tweet from the team at nuun hydration asking for willing reviewers of their hydration tabs.  Well, I stuck my hand up and a few days later I got a little package through the post.

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