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My two-penneth on sports stories that caught my attention.

London Marathon Ballot: The Impossible Problem

Willy Wonka doesn’t organise marathons.  But if he did, it’d probably be the best marathon in the world.  Would he hide golden race numbers in energy gels?  Would that be any better than the London Marathon ballot?

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Become a parkrun Volunteer

This week parkrun has received an unusually high profile in the UK media for unfortunate reasons.  The coverage has highlighted what a fantastic, volunteer-led community has been established.  With a surge in interest, your local parkrun is likely to need volunteers more than ever before so why not try it?  I did, and I loved it. Continue reading Become a parkrun Volunteer

London Marathon Rejection: Is There A Better Way?

[With big changes to the 2016 London Marathon ballot I’ve taken another look at the numbers here]

[In response to the ballot for the 2017 London Marathon I’ve taken another look at the numbers and potential alternative ways to allocate places here]

This week, many doormats have been warmed and almost as many moods have been cooled by the arrival of the London Marathon ballot result.  Thousands of runners feel hard done by but is there a  better way to allocate London Marathon places?

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Race Results: Public or Private

Last weekend there was a “festival” of running in Edinburgh; essentially, a series of races from junior races through the major road running distances from 5k to the iconic marathon distance, it was all about the running.  Unbeknownst to some of the participants, the organisers had taken an unprecedented step of not publishing a full set of results.  Why is it a problem?  And why would they do it?

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Great North Run Ballot: Gutted Not Running

For the first time as a “serious” runner I decided to attempt to enter the Great North Run.  The four times I have previously entered was prior to the ballot so if you paid your money you were in.  So I sat with my fingers crossed, waiting, until this week I received the e-mail.

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XC: X-treme Cheerleading

Less than two weeks ago myself and The Wife decided, at short notice, to have a jaunt into London Village.  We love London and are fortunate to make the relatively short jump of 60-odd miles fairly frequently.  This visit wasn’t for the normal shopping or sightseeing, although we did see some sights; this visit was to cheer on 3000 men, women, boys and girls round a muddy field in Hampstead!

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Is your glass of Mo half full or half empty?

This weekend, whilst he was waiting for his 3000m race at the British Athletics Indoor GP, Mo Farah’s team announced to the press that he would be running the 2013 London Marathon – a surprising announcement as his marathon debut was widely expected to be next year; until you read on and discover Mo won’t be running the whole thing.

Mo Farah at the Birmingham Diamond League
Mo Farah at the Diamond League meeting in August 2012.

There’s not many of us that would take part in a race knowing we weren’t going to complete the distance. Despite this, I was surprised at some of the negative comments and confusion so I decided to take a closer look at the decision and some of the reactions (some of which I have no doubt are tongue in cheek) to see if I could make sense of it all. Continue reading Is your glass of Mo half full or half empty?

From London 2012 to the Premier League

It’s the first day of the football season* and for the first time in my 33 years I’m not feeling excited about it.  In fact, I’m actually apprehensive about the whole thing.  This summer, the usual void between the inevitable disappointment of an international football tournament and the whistle starting what the broadcasters always promise is going to be the best season of football ever was not empty. Continue reading From London 2012 to the Premier League