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The Tale of Two Races – Part 1: Iffley Miles

Last year I discovered a fascinating-yet-underloved running distance that has won my heart.  The Oxford University’s Iffley Road track hosted the Iffley Miles, along with my very approximate attempt to emulate Sir Roger Bannister.

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Achievements and Aspirations

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to reflect back on your achievements over the past twelve months and an opportunity to think about your aspirations for the next twelve.  I look back fondly over 2014 and peek excitedly towards a challenging 2015.

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Learn From Your Mistakes: Oxford Half 2014 Review

Five weeks ago I had my worst ever run at the spiritual home of my running, the Great North Run.  This morning I was up, literally, at the crack of dawn to implement the lessons I learned from the GNR at this year’s Oxford Half Marathon.

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What a difference a year makes: Carterton 10k 2014

Like a comet orbiting the Earth, the Carterton 10k made its re-appearance in my running calendar today.  Each year it seems to hold something different for me and, ironically, this year was no different.

Updated on 17/03/14 to include revised chip time!

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Half Hour Hills

There are lots of people who have been doing lots of running as part of Janathon – a month long event encouraging people to jog, log and blog each day.  I’ve been enjoying reading their adventures but I’ve been focussing on quality rather than quantity as I prepare to take on my favourite race: the Carterton 10k.

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Top Gear, Top Plank

After work tonight I had an appointment with a difference: to accompany The Wife to the West Oxfordshire Business Awards’ announcement of the finalists for this year’s awards.

It doesn’t sound that interesting until you learn that the event was being held at the Caterham F1 facility.  I realise that still might not sound interesting but I’m a big Formula 1 fan, so for me it was. I’m unable

We were shown round a selection of different departments and were treated to some sneak peeks of the CT03, this year’s new car!  Unfortunately, as the car hasn’t yet been publicly launched I’m unable to share any details and we weren’t allowed to take photos.  What I can say is, what we saw looked awesome – I hope the performance will match it.  I guess that will partly depend on who is driving; we were told someone was in the simulator but weren’t allowed to know who so watch out for driver announcements soon!

Despite the excitement, I still had my Janathon plank to do.  Seeing the quest for improvement at Caterham, I was keen to see my own improvement and I wasn’t disappointed:

Plank duration : 3m 02s (PB)
Janathon planks : 29 of 29
Plank streak : 29


Today wasn’t a bad day at work, just not the best.  These sorts of days make me more determined to succeed, not just at work but in my personal endeavours too.

And today’s personal endeavour was my 22nd plank of Janathon, the challenge to do some form of exercise every day of January.

I made sure I held this one for as long as possible.  It worked: another personal best!

Plank duration : 2m 36s
Janathon planks : 22 out of 22
Plank streak : 22

Improvement of 1m 34s since January 1st.  How much more can I squeeze out before the end of Janathon I wonder?