Infographic showing nationality of GNR winners & record holders

Great North Run Ballot: Gutted Not Running

For the first time as a “serious” runner I decided to attempt to enter the Great North Run.  The four times I have previously entered was prior to the ballot so if you paid your money you were in.  So I sat with my fingers crossed, waiting, until this week I received the e-mail.

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London skyline with 600 runners heading up Parliament Hill in the foreground

XC: X-treme Cheerleading

Less than two weeks ago myself and The Wife decided, at short notice, to have a jaunt into London Village.  We love London and are fortunate to make the relatively short jump of 60-odd miles fairly frequently.  This visit wasn’t for the normal shopping or sightseeing, although we did see some sights; this visit was to cheer on 3000 men, women, boys and girls round a muddy field in Hampstead!

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Half Hour Hills

There are lots of people who have been doing lots of running as part of Janathon - a month long event encouraging people to jog, log and blog each day.  I’ve been enjoying reading their adventures but I’ve been focussing on quality rather than quantity as I prepare to take on my favourite race: the Carterton 10k.

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2013 #Plankathon: The Climax

Last January I used planking as my Janathon activity in an effort to start building my core strength to help my running.  Whilst stretching my plank PB I came across a guy by the name of Brendon Birch through Twitter.  Brendon, aka lehorse1, is a member of Absolute Triathlon Club in Nottingham and set himself a 12 month running challenge to raise money for the Karen Green Foundation.

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My journey from charity plodder to running coach


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