Running Watch Review: #GetsMyHeartRacing

Last month I was selected to be part of a Running Bug team to put the new TomTom Runner Cardio watch to the test.  Having used the adidas miCoach SmartRun watch for the last 9 months it was a great opportunity to put them head-to-head.

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Keeping Hydrated: Morning, Nuun & Night

In the past I’ve paid little attention to race fueling or hydration, previously leaving things to chance.  As improving PBs is getting harder I’ve started to consider my fueling and hydration strategy.

Co-incidentally, or perhaps it was the running (or Twitter) gods, I noticed a tweet from the team at nuun hydration asking for willing reviewers of their hydration tabs.  Well, I stuck my hand up and a few days later I got a little package through the post.

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Runner’s Luck: What’s your lucky charm?

Since getting seriously into this running lark I’ve had some ups and downs.  I’m glad to say that at the moment I’m very much on the up.  A lot of the “up” is down to hard work but I’ve recently had a little bit of luck too, winning a pair of Brooks Ghost 7 courtesy of The Running Bug’s #brooksluckycharm competition.

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The Mile: A New Running High

My name’s Dan and I’m a runner-holic.  Like many people, I dabbled  when I was at university and then had years on the wagon.  Then 5 years ago I got into a crowd who were doing it and whilst it started as just a recreational thing, I’m now hooked.  I’ve never tried the hard stuff (26.2M is too strong for me) instead preferring to use 10K and Half to get my running highs.  That is, until I was tempted by an old fashioned, quicker hit that is coming back into popular use.

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My journey from charity plodder to running coach


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