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As runners, we run mile after mile but rarely challenge ourselves over the iconic distance of a mile.  Be inspired by the first sub four minute mile and challenge yourself to run a single mile as fast as you can this summer with #RunYourMile. Continue reading #RunYourMile


Achievements and Aspirations

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to reflect back on your achievements over the past twelve months and an opportunity to think about your aspirations for the next twelve.  I look back fondly over 2014 and peek excitedly towards a challenging 2015.

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Did You Run Your Mile?

Two weeks ago I read the 60th anniversary of what was described as the Everest of athletics was almost upon us.  I was inspired to do something to celebrate and set myself the target of finding 59 other runners to run a mile in tribute.  I was stunned at the response!

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Run Your Mile: 60 years since the 4 minute mile

You don’t have to be a runner to have heard about Roger Bannister and how he became the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.  In a little over a week’s time it will be the 60th anniversary of this feat and after reading a BBC article this morning I was inspired to pay tribute to this landmark.

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Oxford Half 2012: What a race!

A frosty, sub-zero morning was not what I’d expected when I decided to run the 2012 Oxford Half Marathon back in July.  Scraping the car at 8am made the summer feel a very long time ago indeed.  Rather than making me panic about being late, methodically clearing the ice actually helped to calm my pre-race nerves.  As with other aspects of my life, I had planned the journey to Oxford with a certain degree of contingency. Continue reading Oxford Half 2012: What a race!