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Run England Cogges Summer Sessions

Four years ago I was inspired to get more involved in running by London 2012.  I’ve since become a British Athletics-qualified coach and I’m still loving being able to help people run, run further and run faster.

My Tuesday night Run England group attracts 8 to 12 people each week and people come and go as there lives dictate.  Although some people have come and gone, for all sorts of reasons.

Some have tried running and decided it wasn’t for them, some have gained confidence to continue their running on their own or with a club like Witney Road Runners and some have maybe just fallen out of the habit (and forgotten how much fun my sessions are!) but might be lacking in confidence to get started again.

To add a bit of variety to the sessions, to provide more direct coaching for everyone, and to encourage people to come along without feeling they’ll have to run around Witney I’m going to do something a little special on the last Tuesday of every month. Continue reading Run England Cogges Summer Sessions


#Juneathon Day 10: Brought to you by the letter N

A third of Juneathon down and it’s time to roll out the quick one.  I’ve just done the day 10 session of the Kinetic Revolution 30 day running technique challenge and am now competent at the strength exercises.  Still enjoying the feeling of mobility, strength and flexibility.

Tuesday’s are also my night for leading other runners so we had a very pleasant few kilometres in and around the local park.  Most refreshing was having a couple of newbies, taking their first running steps – hopefully I’ll see them again next week!

Runners Led

The snow last week was a great opportunity to try something new (my first snow run) but it delayed me starting something else new.  Tonight, my wait was over.

It was time to put my license into action; my first session as a qualified UKA Leader in Running Fitness.

After the paperwork was done we were all very much ready for the warm up.  I’m not sure who was more nervous: my group members or me?

We got ourselves warmed up and off we set on the first 2.5km loop.  My biggest concern prior to the session was dealing with a variety of abilities, even though I knew I knew the techniques – the course gives loads of ways to ensure you help your runners get the most out of the session.  I needn’t have been concerned.  Using loop backs seemed to keep everyone working at their own level.

As we regrouped at the end of the first loop I gave the group the option of carrying on for a second loop; I didn’t want to be too harsh.  Well not on the first session anyway! (Just in case any of them are reading: I’m only joking!)

I’m pleased to say that the consensus was for a second loop – I must have been doing something ok!  We ended the second loop with a cool down and stretches.  I think the hardest thing was trying to get to know the group while guiding them along the route and keeping track of them all.

Taking my first session was the next step of my own Olympic legacy: to inspire others to run.  I’m so pleased I became a Running Leader!

And in all the excitement I nearly forgot my penultimate Janathon plank:

Plank duration : 2m18s
Janathon planks : 30 of 30
Plank streak : 30

Blue Sky Thinking

The pounding of rain on the velux window at 08:45 helped me wake up but was not helping me get ready for my first run in a week.Luckily, less than fifteen minutes later the rain had been replaced by a brilliant blue sky.  I’d almost forgotten the sky came in any other colours other than white or grey!

I’m always amazed at how much a blue sky can help on a long run.  It seemed to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

The snow had forced the postponement of the first Run England Cogges “Get ready for a 10k” session so today’s run,  or part of it, would be my final preparation.

A gentle mile gets me from my house to our meeting place at Cogges Tesco.  I ran through (pun very much intended!) a rough warm up routine before tracing the loops we’ll be running on Wednesday, finishing with a gentle cool down including stretches.

I’m feeling ready and raring to go now; really looking forward to meeting the group.

After a friendly hello from a little Yorkshire terrier I set off on the mile back home.

In the end it was a total of six steady miles.  More useful for readying myself for Wednesday as I switch my focus from my own training to helping others to train.

This afternoon The Wife and I joined our friends, Gem & Rich for a walk at Sherborne.  Mud had replaced snow but that didn’t stop the four of us, all wellied up, from enjoying the fresh air.

Rich and I agreed it would make a cracking cross country route.  Will have to take a look for more information on the Sherborne 10k route – could be a decent challenge.

And that leaves me to recap on today’s plank:

Plank duration : 2m 12s
Janathon planks : 27 of 27
Plank streak : 27

Icy inevitable

I’ve had enough of the wintery weather.  Which is a shame as it looks set to hang around for a good few days yet.

Unfortunately we had to take the decision to postpone my first foray into Run Leading.  For the safety and enjoyment of the Run England Cogges participants we’re rescheduling our first session to Wednesday 30th, hoping the snow and ice will have gone by then.

In the meantime I’ve got my Janathon planks for company:

Plank duration: 2m 08s
Janathon planks: 21 out of 21
Plank streak: 21

Janathon Day 2

I’m a touch late with this blog but can assure you my plank was made just before bed last night:

Plank duration: 1m 05s
Improvement since day 1: 3s
Plank streak: 2 days
Janathon plants: 2 out of 2

In other news, I ended up on the radio yesterday!  Phil Gayle, who some of you may remember for presenting the news on the Big Breakfast, invited me onto his BBC Radio Oxford breakfast show to talk about my new running group, Run England Cogges.

For the next few days you can listen again here – I’m on just after 2 hours 48 minutes.