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Run In The Sun: Top Tips for Holiday Running

It’s that time of the year when a lot of us take the chance to get away from it all, but does “all” have to include running?  A few years ago running didn’t feature in my day-to-day plans let alone being part of my holiday plans however as my passion for running has grown, it has been harder to leave it behind.

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Top Gear, Top Plank

After work tonight I had an appointment with a difference: to accompany The Wife to the West Oxfordshire Business Awards’ announcement of the finalists for this year’s awards.

It doesn’t sound that interesting until you learn that the event was being held at the Caterham F1 facility.  I realise that still might not sound interesting but I’m a big Formula 1 fan, so for me it was. I’m unable

We were shown round a selection of different departments and were treated to some sneak peeks of the CT03, this year’s new car!  Unfortunately, as the car hasn’t yet been publicly launched I’m unable to share any details and we weren’t allowed to take photos.  What I can say is, what we saw looked awesome – I hope the performance will match it.  I guess that will partly depend on who is driving; we were told someone was in the simulator but weren’t allowed to know who so watch out for driver announcements soon!

Despite the excitement, I still had my Janathon plank to do.  Seeing the quest for improvement at Caterham, I was keen to see my own improvement and I wasn’t disappointed:

Plank duration : 3m 02s (PB)
Janathon planks : 29 of 29
Plank streak : 29