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2016 London Marathon Ballot: What Are The Chances?

Last week I was among nearly 38,000 London Marathon finishers but what are the chances of me running next year?  Major ballot changes may make it fairer but certainly won’t make it easier when the 2016 London Marathon ballot opens tomorrow.

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VMLM2015 Pre Race Report – Track Me

In less than 5 days I’ll be taking on my first marathon on the most iconic marathon course in the world.  Find out what I’m aiming for, how I’m feeling and how to track my progress on the day.

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Race Day Rehearsal

You’ve put in the miles.  You’ve avoided injury.  You’re in your taper.  Your training has set you up for a PB performance.  And it all starts to unravel on race day morning.  With my first marathon only 2 weeks away, today I had a dress rehearsal.

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Going the #extramile with Martin Yelling

Back in January I was asked to get involved as an #extramile ambassador.  As a thank you they invited me, and my fellow ambassadors, to a marathon training day led by top coach and Marathon Talk host, Martin Yelling.  It was a great day so I’d like to share the key hints, tips and advice to help with your own marathon training.

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Are you going the #extramile for London?

Training for a marathon is a big undertaking.  It’s not just physically tough but mentally exhausting too.  As well as the training, there’s usually a back story that could rival any reality TV contestant’s that adds to the motivation to take on this iconic distance.  Now you can capture your marathon journey as you go the #extramile.

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#Janathon 2015 Day 15 – Pain in the…

On Tuesday night when running with my group of amazing runners I had a slight feeling in my left foot.  Like I’d laced up a bit too tight and squashed my foot slightly.  Not pain, not even discomfort really, just a feeling.

It felt fine tonight so I hot footed it out for an interval session.  The feeling came back but I was fine with that.  I was sure it would settle and fade.

It wasn’t too bad but as I neared the end of my second set I realised that, rather than fading away, in fact it was getting worse.  And I could feel myself adjusting my gait to compensate.  Not good.

I curtailed my session and tried to jog home but it was still sore so I walked as briskly as I could, balancing the discomfort with trying to stay warm.

I’ve rested it the best I can this evening but it’s still sore after a few steps.  The pain is in a very unusual place so it’s hard to figure out what it is or what I’ve done.  So a few days of rest lay ahead, hoping it’s just a little thing that’ll sort itself out so I can then get back to marathon training!

#Janathon 2015 Day 11 – Into Darkness

Only two things in spring marathon training are certain: you’ll have to squeeze training around real life and you’ll have to run in the dark.  And I see no reason why my experience should be any different!  After the early morning interval session yesterday I’ve had a busy weekend.

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