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Achievements and Aspirations

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to reflect back on your achievements over the past twelve months and an opportunity to think about your aspirations for the next twelve.  I look back fondly over 2014 and peek excitedly towards a challenging 2015.

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What a difference a year makes: Carterton 10k 2014

Like a comet orbiting the Earth, the Carterton 10k made its re-appearance in my running calendar today.  Each year it seems to hold something different for me and, ironically, this year was no different.

Updated on 17/03/14 to include revised chip time!

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Half Hour Hills

There are lots of people who have been doing lots of running as part of Janathon – a month long event encouraging people to jog, log and blog each day.  I’ve been enjoying reading their adventures but I’ve been focussing on quality rather than quantity as I prepare to take on my favourite race: the Carterton 10k.

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Running For Others

My last post was so surprisingly successful, mainly thanks to a celebrity endorsement, it’s taken a while to find my inspiration for the follow-up!  However, I actually didn’t need to look very far.  Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I recently qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness – the new entry-level coaching qualification from UKA.  Last week saw the end of my my first course of running sessions as a leader and I’m enjoying my running more than ever! Continue reading Running For Others

What next? My London Legacy

This month I succeeded in achieving a personal running goal: completing a half marathon in under 2 hours.  That pace isn’t anything to set the world alight.  More than 1200 people finished in front of my at the Oxford Half Marathon; 40% of people who have run a marathon this year have finished in a quicker time.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I beat my fiercest and closest competitor: me! Continue reading What next? My London Legacy

Pace in the legs

Tonight was all about putting my legs through their paces and putting the pace back into them.  A swift 5km was scheduled to take me to 1,085km at the same time as reminding my legs how quick they need to move on Sunday for the Carterton 10k.  The sun was setting and the weather was full of Spring.

My legs were feeling good and I managed to cover the 5km at slightly quicker than my intended race pace.  It felt quick enough but comfortable enough for both my legs and lungs.  So now all that is left before the race on Sunday is a steady 5km leg stretch on Thursday night and a few good nights sleep.

My fundraising campaign received a boost yesterday in the form of an article in the Oxford Mail (you can read it here) which I think may well be in tomorrow’s Witney Gazette too.  It’s great to finally get a bit of local press coverage to help raise awareness for Maggie’s Centres (www.maggiescentres.org).  Who knows, it might also help me push my fundraising total above the £1,320 it currently stands at.

It’s not very big but here’s the photo that accompanies the article outside my workplace.  Remember, every penny I raise is being doubled by my employer so every penny really does count.  Double in fact!

Excuses, excuses

I’ve been frantically rescheduling the last few runs of my 12-month and 1,100km running challenge for Maggie’s Centres to ensure I hit my revised target distance.  My fundraising is up to £1275 which is awesome, hopefully I can push it further in this last week.  A busy week and weekend meant I needed to get out for a 10km run this morning after a few social bevvies last night.

It was the toughest run I’ve done in a long while.  I hadn’t gone out on Thursday or Friday after my epic 19km with John Gartland, aka Running Miss Daisy (@740miles21days) so my legs were tired and sluggish.  The four or five pints I had in our favourite pub, the Hollybush (whose sister pub the Horseshoes will be hosting a post challenge celebration in a week’s time), probably wasn’t the best preparation either.  And I have had a stinking cold this week too.

Some people may call these excuses, I like to think of them as justification!

I have eight days and 25 kilometres left of my challenge and this week will be all about being ready for an attempt to smash my PB at the Carterton 10k on Sunday 25th March.  The cold is just about gone, the legs will be fresh, I’ll be making sure I eat good stuff and the beer will have stoped.  Well, after a couple of Guinness tonight for St Patrick’s Day of course!

My Olympic Dream

In case you have been living in a cave for the last few months, the year is 2012.  In a few months time a little sports day (or seventeen) is being held on a little parkland in the east end of London.  A few people are thinking of going to watch but I wanted to get involved in the action.

My training has been going well and I’m just getting faster and faster so maybe, just maybe I can make it.

Who am I kidding!  I’m no Team GB Olympic hopeful.  I wasn’t even successful in bearing the torch in the run up to the opening ceremony.  I have, however, received some exciting news today that brings my Olympic dream a step closer.

For the last eleven months I’ve been running to raise money to support the fantastic charity, Maggie’s, who support anyone who is affected by cancer.  Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or are a friend or relative of someone who has, then Maggie’s are there to offer support, advice or just a friendly face and a listening ear.

As of tonight I’m only 92km and £181 away from my 1,100km and £1,100 targets so what a boost to hear that a week after I finish my challenge I will be representing Maggie’s in the Olympic Stadium!

To celebrate the Gold Challenge, an Olympic-themed charity challenge, and as part of the test events for the London Games I will be among 20,000 charity representatives, celebrity ambassadors and Team GB legends taking part in an afternoon of sport-based entertainment.  I may even get a chance to walkthe track.

Thank you Maggie’s!

It was this inspiration that had me flying through my interval session tonight, adding another 5km to my running totaliser and building my speed further to assist in my aim of achieving a PB at the Carterton 10k – join me!

Please can you help?

The self-doubt that was creeping in to my mind this week was firmly told where to go this morning thanks to some inspiration from watching the National Cross Country championships at Parliament Hill and from all the people I know are desperate to be running but can’t due to injury.  It was also an opportunity to judge, with 4 weeks of my challenge remaining, just what I could expect to achieve at the Carterton 10k.

My schedule for the remainder of my challenge had me down for a 13km run today.  I hadn’t planned a route but I knew that I wanted to test myself by aiming for a 50 minute 10k so I just stuck with a run around the edge of Witney and then I could add a couple of kilometres on at the end.

In my mind I was thinking of hitting a steady pace of 5 minutes per kilometre but my heart took control and I just went for whatever pace I could sustain.  I was determined to push myself, to toughen up, to not give in.  Proof was needed that I could control the discomfort and keep going so that I could go into the Carterton 10k knowing that I can do it.

After clocking 5k in 24:34 I allowed myself a 15 second walk, as my ankles were starting to feel the pace, ensuring I picked up the pace right away afterwards.  The pace was maintained and I even felt, at my historic brick wall of 7k, that I could push on.  In reality, in was enough to keep me at 5 minute kilometres.  With 500 metres to go I kicked on, stretching my pace to 4 minutes per kilometre.  I felt like I had gone to early and was fading but looking at the GPS data I managed to hang on to that pace and complete the 10 kilometres in a new personal best time, albeit unofficial, of 48:55.  I managed to add a 1km warm down but was happy to finish a couple short of my planned distance – as long as I don’t drop any more kilometres I can still hit the 1,100km.

I have made it to a million metres in 11 months, something that I wouldn’t have dreamt of when I embarked on completing 800km in a year.  I’ve run in some fabulous places with some fabulous people and made some new friends along the way.  I now have 4 weeks to cover the final 97 kilometres and to help secure my 10k race PB at the Carterton 10k.  I now have 4 weeks to push my fundraising total above the £919 at which it stands to raise as much as possible for Maggie’s Centres.

There are a number of ways that you can help me:

  1. Visit http://www.justgiving.com/800kmForMaggies and donate – every pound that you donate will be doubled by my employer
  2. For those of you who are runners, click here to find out how to join me for the Carterton 10k on March 25 to provide some moral support
  3. For those of you who don’t run, please join The Wife and others in cheering me on at the Carterton 10k – I cannot stress to non-runners how much positive impact your cheers make on keeping the legs moving quickly
  4. If all else fails please tell your friends, families and followers about me and my challenge by e-mailing, reposting or retweeting this blog https://runningdanw.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/please-can-you-help/

Thanks in advance for you help and thanks for reading.