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Inspired to tweet (@running_dan_w) about my running by the London Marathon - running 800km for Maggie's ( Love good food, architecture, photography, football & motorsport.

Where will you #RunYourMile?

It’s  a little over a week since the launch of #RunYourMile 2016 and the mile attempts have started to be logged.  There are still a lot of runners yet to log their first mile so to help, I’ve put together some ideas of where you could #RunYourMile. Continue reading Where will you #RunYourMile?


Breaking The Barrier: The 4 Minute Mile

The year was 1954 – a different time.  Queen Elizabeth II was just a year into her reign, post-war sugar rationing had not long come to an end, little more than 25% of families had a television and the human body was stubbornly refusing to run a mile in less than four minutes.  Until a 25-year-old junior doctor named Roger Bannister returned to the Oxford University track at Iffley Road to record the first ever sub four minute mile. Continue reading Breaking The Barrier: The 4 Minute Mile

Running ABC

Early in 2016 I devised a series of “Technique Taster” sessions to introduce members of Witney Road Runners to some basic running technique concepts and tips.  Here’s what we got up to in the second session:

Session 2: Running ABC – adding agility and co-ordination to balance for a solid running technique foundation. Continue reading Running ABC

Become a parkrun Volunteer

This week parkrun has received an unusually high profile in the UK media for unfortunate reasons.  The coverage has highlighted what a fantastic, volunteer-led community has been established.  With a surge in interest, your local parkrun is likely to need volunteers more than ever before so why not try it?  I did, and I loved it. Continue reading Become a parkrun Volunteer

Introduction to Running Technique And Balance

Early in 2016 I devised a series of “Technique Taster” sessions to introduce members of Witney Road Runners to some basic running technique concepts and tips.  Here’s what the first session had in store:

Session 1: Introduction to Technique & Balance – what do we mean by “running technique” and how balance relates to your running. Continue reading Introduction to Running Technique And Balance

Technique Taster Sessions

Early in 2016 I was invited to speak with the Witney Road Runners committee.  I was asked to present my vision of how we could introduce a more formal coaching initiative to the club.  Having engaged with the membership it was clear they wanted to know more about running technique so I proposed an 8 week series of “Technique Tasters” – interactive running seminars to introduce some of the basic concepts and tips. Continue reading Technique Taster Sessions

Stop Laces Coming Undone

How many of you have had to stop during a run or worse, a race, to re-tie your laces?  It happened to me during a half marathon and to some of my athletes while out on recent coaching sessions. Often, the movement of your running works the laces free but since I started using this tip I’ve never had a problem.

Continue reading Stop Laces Coming Undone

Hoka Clifton 2 Review

Earlier last year I was given the opportunity to try out some Hoka trainers.  Unfortunately, coinciding with the training peak for my first marathon wasn’t great timing to try something new.

I gave the Conquest 2 road shoes a shot but they were nothing like I expected them to be.  The Challenger trail version were much more comfortable but mara-noia meant I was steering clear of trails.

So when I was approached to try a pair of Hoka Clifton 2 I was reluctant to give them a shot.  I did have another idea following a conversation with Jacqui, a fellow Witney Road Runner, who had heard great things about Hokas and was keen to give them a go.

Continue reading Hoka Clifton 2 Review