Run England Cogges Summer Sessions

Four years ago I was inspired to get more involved in running by London 2012.  I’ve since become a British Athletics-qualified coach and I’m still loving being able to help people run, run further and run faster.

My Tuesday night Run England group attracts 8 to 12 people each week and people come and go as there lives dictate.  Although some people have come and gone, for all sorts of reasons.

Some have tried running and decided it wasn’t for them, some have gained confidence to continue their running on their own or with a club like Witney Road Runners and some have maybe just fallen out of the habit (and forgotten how much fun my sessions are!) but might be lacking in confidence to get started again.

To add a bit of variety to the sessions, to provide more direct coaching for everyone, and to encourage people to come along without feeling they’ll have to run around Witney I’m going to do something a little special on the last Tuesday of every month.

Starting on 28th June, the last Tuesday session of every month will involve a mix of running-related exercises and as much or as little running as you feel comfortable with, all within the confines of the Leys in Witney.

The sessions will allow runners of all abilities and experiences get hints, tips and practical advice to improve their running and reach their running goals.

If you’ve been before but not for a while, or if you want to come along for the first time then get in touch:

For those of you on Facebook, head across and like the Run England Cogges page and feel free to drop me a message with a little bit about your running aims and any questions.

If you’re not on Facebook then drop me an e-mail at with a little about your running aims along with any questions you have.

I hope to see you at the Leys on a Tuesday night soon!


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