Technique Taster Sessions

Early in 2016 I was invited to speak with the Witney Road Runners committee.  I was asked to present my vision of how we could introduce a more formal coaching initiative to the club.  Having engaged with the membership it was clear they wanted to know more about running technique so I proposed an 8 week series of “Technique Tasters” – interactive running seminars to introduce some of the basic concepts and tips.

The sessions would run alongside the normal Thursday night sessions, be free and open to all members and, whilst most benefit would come from attending all 8, members could pick and choose the sessions they wanted to attend.

The 8 sessions aim to give an overview of key elements of running technique for all levels of runners.  Click on a session title to find out more details about the session (sessions details are still being added):

Session 1: Introduction to Technique & Balance – what do we mean by “running technique” and how balance relates to your running

Session 2: Running ABC – adding agility and co-ordination to balance for a solid running technique foundation

Session 3: Your Posture – simple steps to set yourself up to help your body move effectively while running

Session 4: Your Legs – put your Running ABC to the test with these drills to get your legs moving more

Session 5: Your Arms – find out how your arms impact your running and learn to leverage their pendulum power

Session 6: Running Uphill – turn dreaded hills into a powerful training tool and become nothing to fear on race day

Session 7: Running Downhill – build confidence to team up with gravity and use those downhills to make a difference to your race result

Session 8: Pacing & Effort Levels – switch on your inner running watch to tap into how you can feel your effort and judge your pace


Each session will include an appropriate warm up, a technical module and a run to put the tips into practice, ending with a cool down and stretch routine.


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