Starting Strength & Riverside Run

Another week has flown by but that hasn’t stopped me having another relaxing week of running.  I’m enjoying taking it easier for a while and it proves it doesn’t have to be all about the pace.As part of my end of season easing off I identified a few, non-pacing goals which I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks.

The first goal of my off season was to switch off the pace checks and I’m surprised at how I’m enjoying my running.  Perhaps enjoying it even more!  The challenge of keeping myself within a lower heart rate band has given me something else to focus on and has allowed me to appreciate what’s going on around me – more on that below!

After a good start to my second goal (reading the Chimp Paradox) I’ve stalled a little but I plan to tick off the next few chapters this afternoon.

On a more positive note, I’ve finally made progress towards the hardest of my four off season goals, albeit I’m not quite where I want to be with my strength work yet.

I challenged myself to two 20 minute strength sessions each week and yesterday I ticked off my first session since I set myself the goal two weeks ago!

After a cosy lay-in I got up to do a set of “Bobby Hundreds” with my wife.

Ok, so that’s not their real name.  They’re called “Hundreds” due to the fact that you engage your core and bounce one hundred times.  They’ve taken the nickname “Bobby Hundreds” thanks to a story about the legendary former Newcastle United manager Bobby Robson who, at a book signing was distracted when answering a young lad.

He’d been asked “Have you signed a lot of books today?” and replied “Oh, hundreds son. Absolutely hundreds.”  The young lad walked away with his signed book, only to find Sit Bobby had signed it “Bobby Hundreds”!  Awesome.

Following up on the set of Bobby Hs (which we also added a set of 10 crunches into) I then did a short circuit of body weight exercises:

  • 10 full depth squats
  • 10 scissor leg lifts (on each side)
  • 10 press ups
  • 10 superman reaches (on each side)
  • 10 calf raises (on each side)

I concentrated on control of the movements which maximise the benefit of these simple exercise.  I want to make sure that I do this circuit at least twice a week now, and look to introduce a second set at some point.

After a shower and some lunch we headed into London to watch the evening session of the Revolution cycling at the Olympic Park.  More great sporting fun and I’d recommend getting down there when the series returns next year.

The Wife managed to get Pete Kennaugh's attention
The Wife managed to get Pete Kennaugh’s attention
Obligatory finish line selfie
Obligatory finish line selfie

We decided to stay over in London which meant I had a chance to do a long Sunday run in London, one of my favourite places to run.

I decided not to head into the centre of town instead opting to head from Shepherd’s Bush down to the River Thames at Hammersmith.  I then headed West along the Middlesex bank to Barnes bridge before crossing to the Surrey side, running past the Hammersmith bridge, along to Putney Bridge before returning to the north bank and back to Hammersmith.

It was a mild but windy morning and there were plenty of runners using the Thames Path for their own runs.  For anyone who’s played the running game within WiiFit it was just like that – people joining and leaving the path, passing and being passed.

The river itself was also busy with rowers which a pleasant and welcome distraction too.  Keeping my heart rate within my target band was somewhat of a challenge, being tempted to keep up with some  of the other runners out on the path.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and I was surprised to see that I’d clocked up 10 miles, my longest run since the Oxford Half.  Now where’s that book I want to read…


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