Juneathon 2015 Day 26: The One With The Book

Fridays seem to be the hardest day to Juneathon (yes, it is a verb as well as a noun) what with the end of the working week and the weekly big shop.  Today I went for an alternative option.

Work done for the week, big shop done, dinner eaten and sofa sat on.  Yesterday’s 4+ mile hard race was still in my legs and with the LibFest fun run tomorrow I didn’t fancy a run or my strength work so I opted for something a little easier.

Juneathon Day 20 was my birthday and with it I got a few running related pressies.  Unfortunately one had a hidden surprise: the Runner’s Guide to London had some pages missing!



Thankfully the guys at the Guide are big fans of top customer service and shipped out a replacement copy right away.  I decided it would be a great alternative Juneathon activity.

It’s jammed full of running routes across the whole of London as well as tips about how to make the most of your runs.


I’m now sat wishing I could spend more time in London just to go and explore some of the interesting places.  I wonder when I can squeeze in my next visit?


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