Juneathon 2015 Days 23 & 24: The One With The Puzzlement

What with one thing and another I missed the blog yesterday even though I did actually run!  The last two days have, however, left me a little puzzled on three counts.

Firstly, I was puzzled as a coach.

I was excited to be back with them after missing last week due to a work trip.  With a local fun run on Saturday in memory of a young girl who was killed on her way to school I thought we could run the 5k route.

I’m not sure if was the hotter weather, the fact they knew we’d be running 5k or perhaps they were just excited to see me back but quite a few of them struggled.  I know they can’t have good runs all the time but I want to help them get better so much.

This is puzzling twice over: 5k is well within their capability.  I’ll continue working with them to build their confidence and to stretch themselves.

Slightly bizarrely, we actually only covered 4k, which leads me to my second puzzlement – this time as an athlete.

The 5k fun run course on Saturday seems to only be 3k long.  But it does have a loop – the course directions say two loops but I think it might mean to say three.  I guess on Saturday we’ll find out!

Thirdly, I’m puzzled as an athletics fan.

This afternoon Alberto Salazar released a statement rebuffing the allegations that he has supported doping athletes.  I’m a big fan of Mo and as an aspiring coach, have looked up to Alberto.

I watched the Panorama documentary and it was very compelling albeit with little concrete evidence and a lot of anonymous hearsay and allegations.

Alberto has provided a very detailed response to each of the allegations which I’m yet to soak up but they seem just as compelling as the documentary’s accusations.

But where does this leave the whole situation?  I was a big fan of Lance Armstrong.  He denied everything and turned out to be a liar and a cheat.  I hope the same won’t be true of Salazar.  And whilst the press seem very clear on ensuring they remind us there are no allegations against Mo, I deeply hope he has done nothing wrong either.  The Olympics, crowned by Super Saturday, was what set me on the coaching pathway.

I just don’t know what to think.  I think I’ll just have to continue with “innocent until proven guilty” and hope that the Salazar allegations are indeed just that.


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