Juneathon 2015 Day 18: The One With The Survey

After a hat-trick of Juneathon fails I’m back on the horse today with a cracking multi-terrain club run of just over 5 miles.

It was great to stretch my legs after a few busy days at work.  It was also great to chat running and coaching.  I’m working with the club to establish ideas and direction of possible coaching initiatives for the adult section of the club so I’ve created a little survey to see what the membership think about coaching:

Coach Survey Q1 Coach Survey Q2 Q3 Coach Survey Q4 Q5



It was great to hear from some enthusiastic fellow members who’d already completed the survey.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people are starting to engage.  It was useful to be able to use the “notices” section before tonight’s run to ask for more people to get involved.  I’m keen to get as many thoughts as possible to represent what the membership thinks about coaching.

In reality, there is only so much we are going to be able to do to begin with as I am the only adult coach but hopefully we can get more people involved.

There’s already some interesting themes coming from the answers and still a couple of weeks left until I close the survey.  Then the hard work starts: having to put some plans together for the committee!

What do you think about coaching?  Do you have a coach?  Does your club have coaches?  How does your club deliver coaching to the masses?


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