Juneathon 2015 Day 17: The One With The Porridge

After getting home late last night (almost this morning) and a busy day at work today I’ve struck up a hat-trick of Juneathon fails.  I think it’s my first hat-trick of any of the ‘athons I’ve been part of.

So for today’s post I’d like to introduce you to an interesting initiative that I’d really appreciate some help with.

Following my London Marathon campaign for African Children’s Fund I’m continuing to help the charity, only now I’m donating my time and expertise rather than donations.

Inspired by the “one red paperclip” story, the charity has begun an initiative that doesn’t ask for money, instead offering something up for you.  Not in return for money – but in return for another item.  They will then ask people to offer a swap for the new item.  And then repeat for 12 months before auctioning the final item – whatever that may be – to raise cash to fund their projects.

As one of the key projects they support is about providing porridge to schoolchildren, the swap has commenced with a portion of instant porridge on offer.

One of the Kenyan Porridge Clubs
One of the Kenyan Porridge Clubs

It’s not an auction.  They aren’t looking for the highest bidder.  All they want is something “bigger and better”.  So fancy a portion of porridge?  Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the concept and want to get involved?  Maybe you think it’s interesting enough to share through your networks?

The key to this initiative being a success is going to be getting it out to as many people as possible so please help by visiting the Porridge Swap website, sharing the links to items on offer, follow @PorridgeSwap on Twitter and tweet using #PorridgeSwap to help spread the word.

One man converted one red paperclip into a house; I wonder what a portion of porridge can be turned into and how many portions of porridge can be provided by the proceeds?

What would you swap for a portion of porridge?  Click here and make your offer!


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