Juneathon 2015 Days 15 & 16: The One With The Work Trip

For the first time in ages I had a trip to head office in Aberdeen this week – up one day, back the next.  All the intentions were there for me to continue Juneathon at least by doing my strength training.

By the time we arrived at the hotel we decided to head straight for dinner and then, with there being a decent sized group of us, we headed to the bar for some team building.  And then it was time for bed!

I’m not a morning person so, already getting up earlier than normal to meet for breakfast, I decided not to get up even earlier to do my workout.

It was a busy and positive training day so no time before heading to the airport.  I  guess I could have done something while waiting for the plane but Aberdeen airport is pretty small so not ideal for physical exertion.

I’m writing this on the plane back to Heathrow and by the time I get home it’ll be fast approaching midnight so looks like I’ll be writing off two consecutive days of Juneathon.

I did at least talk about running – with one of my colleagues being a keen but lapsed parkrunner and the trainer, a marathoner, who is keen to go for a run when he’s delivering the next session down in Oxfordshire.

Back to it tomorrow!


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