Juneathon 2015 Day 13: The One With The Shopping

A Saturday is normally a running day for me but I want my legs to be fresh for the City of London Mile tomorrow.  There’s still been running-related activities though.

First item on the agenda upon arrival in London was to drop the bag off at the hotel.  Turns out it’s even more conveniently positioned than I thought when I booked it – if I fell out the front door I’d be on the start line for the Mile!  If I wasn’t running I’d have a great view of the first couple of hundred metres of the course.


Our second agenda item was to walk the course so that Tamsyn, who is running her first medalled race tomorrow, could get a feel where the quarter mile marks are to keep an eye on her pacing.

Interestingly, even the GPS tracking on my phone was pretty wayward thanks to the tall street scenes so don’t rely on your GPS for pace info if you’re running tomorrow.

Then we headed to the embankment to fight through the hoards of tourists to locate the approximate position where the artist painted our anniversary present.  Not quite as romantic on a warm summer’s afternoon but nice to know where we can return to at quieter times!



Finally, it was time to head to the adidas shop on Oxford Street to pre-select some birthday presents.

I’ve got a lot of running gear but with looking to increase the amount of coaching I do I asked Tamsyn if she would help extend my coaching wardrobe for my birthday.  I’m sure you’ll see more of the presents before the end of Juneathon.

All of this still meant just shy of 10,000 steps covered so not bad.


4 thoughts on “Juneathon 2015 Day 13: The One With The Shopping”

  1. Was signed up to do this tomorrow with my family – but I’ve hurt my foot somehow, so not going to make it! 😔Have the most amazing time! Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! Look forward to reading your post about it!!! 😊x

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