Juneathon 2015 Day 12: The One With The TV Appearance

Juneathon and Janathon seem to have a strange way of uncovering unusual running experiences and stories.  My Juneathon activity yesterday involved an appearance on live TV!

A few weeks ago I was asked if my female athletes could be “borrowed” by a tennis coach who was being filmed to promote a free ladies tennis session.  I obliged of course.  The ladies seemed up for it and it would be interesting to see how a different sport coach conducts a warm up.

I digress slightly.  Essentially this activity led to my wife swapping contact details with the TV company doing the filming with the view of promoting the charity she works for, African Children’s Fund.

This exchange of details then led to my wife and I being invited onto a Friday night chat show!

Graham Norton? Chatty Man?

Oh no.  We weren’t going on something that was prerecorded – we were going out live!  On Freeview channel 8.  In Oxfordshire.  To an audience I literally can’t count!

We met Host Tony in the green room, which was actually a very magnolia radio studio.  He’d done his research and we had a chat through how he saw the half hour show going.

Tamsyn and I then went off to each do an intro piece to camera with Cameraman Alex that, we were told would be shared with the BBC no less!

Off we went to the studio to get comfortable and mic’d up.

We were going live in 5, 4, 3, *two fingers*, *one finger*…


Tamsyn was able to talk about the great work the charity does, segwaying into my London Marathon fundraising story for the charity and then after the ad break we were back to hear more about Tamsyn’s role and Small Charity Week along with more about my Run England group and helping others to run.

It was great fun and however many people actually see it doesn’t matter right now.  Hopefully as “That’s Oxford TV” becomes established we can find more opportunities to work with them.

The toughest part for me was keeping my running chatter to 12 minutes!

Can you watch the show?  Maybe.  There’s a YouTube channel that the station is starting to upload their content to.  I’ll be sure to post the link as soon as it comes available.  And after I’ve checked that it’s not horrendously embarrassing!


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