Juneathon 2015 Day 11: The One With The Club Run

After the heart rate induced rest day yesterday I am pleased to report the heart rate was back to normal levels this morning and I certainly felt well enough to head out for a run with the club tonight.

Whilst not quite right back down to it’s lowest, the heart rate was normal enough to consider running and with the sore throat and sniffles that appeared so swiftly yesterday virtually gone, I gave myself the green light.

What a beautiful evening for a run too!

With yesterday’s blip and the City of London Mile on Sunday I was looking for tonight’s club run to be nice and relaxed.  I chose the 4.7 mile route and after leading off from the front, I held myself back, becoming a link between the people shooting off at the front and the next pack of runners.

I’m glad I did as I ended up having a cracking chat about the London Marathon, running technique and coaching.  It was great to hear some enthusiasm from runners who’d like some help with their running goals and times nicely with a forthcoming survey to engage the membership on the topic of coaching.  We’ll have to see what the wider membership think.

I love talking running and I love helping others feel good about their running so loved my run tonight.  It’s now time to look forward to the weekend and my (equal) shortest race of the year.


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