Juneathon 2015 Day 2: The One With The Fake Crown

For the last 18 months Tuesday night’s are all about me donating a run for the good of the running of others and Juneathon doesn’t change that.

I normally have the company of 10 or so eager runners on a Tuesday night looking for support to go further and faster.  For a variety of reasons, possibly including the chilly autumnal wind, I only had 5 runners for tonight’s session.

Even with less numbers, the group was friendly and enthusiastic as ever.  We set off on a 5k loop with a promise that we would cover some new ground tonight.  Our legs took us under the A40 and into the pretty village of Ducklington for the first time since we formed as a group.

It was a lovely evening despite the blowy conditions, and my five plucky runners seemed to enjoy themselves.  I wonder if they’ll enjoy next week’s session as much?!

And on returning home I could enjoy catching up on some fellow Juneathon blogs including an intriguing post from David Hindley on how Birmingham appears to declared itself “European capital of running”.

So in honour of the city of Birmingham’s bold claims I too will make a bold claim and crown myself “European runner-coach-blogger of the year”.  No need to curtsy.


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