Juneathon 2015: The one before it started

Four years ago I started my blogging career thanks to something called Juneathon.  Both my running and blogging have gone from strength to strength and I’m really looking forward to this year’s 30 day extravaganza of “activity and excuses”.

I was warned that I might feel low after completing my first ever marathon in April and whilst I’ve not got back into a training routine, I’m feeling great.  In fact, I think I’ve gone a bit crazy in trying to put things into my calendar to look forward to and to work towards some new PBs.

Realistically, and with my coaching hat on, I’ve packed way too much in to properly train and race every event but I’m just pleased to be enjoying my running post-marathon.  I need to sit down and consider what my key goals are for the rest of the year and then use other events as part of my training.

Juneathon will see me take part in two events: a 4-ish mile race as part of a summer series called the Mota-vation and the road running polar opposite of a marathon, the City of London Mile.

The Mota-vation series is a great opportunity for a fantastic fast training session.  Four miles is a short enough distance to go hell for leather and the race atmosphere keeps you focussed until the finish line.  The whole series last year helped me push myself harder.

The City of London Mile was another highlight of last year and was part of me falling in love with the short but iconic distance.  I’m looking forward to the festival spirit of a day filled with people testing themselves.  I wonder if I’ve had enough time to remind my legs how to go fast again?

As well as these two races, my Juneathon will consist of my normal running and another attempt at introducing a new habit: a strength and conditioning routine.  It’s something that most of us neglect but can have a massive impact on our running.

I’m hoping that Juneathon and fellow Juneathoners will be able to assist me in finally forming a good habit!


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