#LondonMarathonSelfie Winner

As a keen Twitterer I find myself entering all manner of competitions.  Some of my friends think I’m lucky but if you enter as many competitions as I do, it’s hard not to win one or two of them.

With my marathon fever in full force I tweeted a good old selfie as part of TNT’s #LondonMarathonSelfie competition, celebrating their role as logistics partner for the London Marathon:

Think my geeky t-shirt may have helped me win

I then, as with many of the competitions I enter, completely forgot about it until I got a tweet confirming I’d won!

Brilliant timing, given that I’d decided to do the honourable thing and retire my marathon shoes.

When the package arrived I opened it like a Christmas present, eager to find out what model and colour of Asics I’d won.

A gleaming pair of Asics GT-2000-2 were staring back at me, in glorious TNT orange.


Now all I have to do is decide which orange top to wear with them:

A post #LondonMarathonSelfie

Thank you TNT, these will certainly help me with my post-marathon running targets.


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