#Janathon 2015 Day 29 – Getting The Legs Going

Some of you might be expecting the conclusion of my running short story today, especially as the potential saviours arrived yesterday.  So I’m sorry to disappoint.  They almost got a trial tonight but with the temperature dropping and snow threatening I opted to put on legs instead.

With my foot back to normal I wanted to use tonight to get my legs moving and heart pumping with one eye on an attacking run at Watford Half on Sunday.

I set my watch with a pace zone cushioning my stretch-goal pace for Sunday, 4:30 minutes per km.  Given that I only secured a 10k PB at 4:28 pace at the end of November and with my recent niggle it’s an aggressive target but if you don’t try you never know.  The key for me is that Watford isn’t my target race – it’s just an opportunity to see where I’m at in my London Marathon training.

Slowly increasing my pace up towards target zone put me at the front of the club group I was running with and soon found myself out front with another club member, Nick, who’d I’d not met before.

After a quick talk about intended pace I knew I was with the right person.  Nick confidently confirmed 7 minute miles were in his bag so I knew he would stretch me if I wanted.

I tried to push the pace but the route seemed to be all uphill tonight and any downhills disappeared quickly.  I didn’t quite hit the pace I’d hoped but it’s the first time since the Eynsham 10k in November that the legs and heart have worked as hard for as long.  I’m really looking forward to taking on the Watford Half and seeing what happens.

PS. It was lovely to run in a light slow flurry – enough to feel uplifting but not enough to affect footing.


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