#Janathon 2015 Day 25 – On The Hoof

After successful runs this week to test my foot out, today’s long run would be the final tick in the recovery box.  I still wanted a safety blanket, so instead of heading out into the villages, or an out and back I opted to loop myself in and around Witney.

I also thought attempting to stretch a 10+ mile run around town my distract me from the problems I had yesterday of constantly thinking about my foot.

Thankfully I was right.  Slowly mapping out the next section of the run every few minutes kept my mind busy, as well as trying to keep my heart rate nice and low – something that is a key part of my training following my lab test last year.

The SmashRun view of my run - sign up for free at http://smashrun.com/dan.wymer/invite
The SmashRun view of my run – sign up for free at http://smashrun.com/dan.wymer/invite

It was surprisingly easy to clock up the miles – looping in and around housing estates and choosing directions at junctions carefully, so a not to put myself back too close to home.  Mixing up some longer straight bits along with weaving around the houses kept it interesting enough but I’m looking forward to getting back on into the countryside over the next few weeks.

Every time I head out for a run there seems to be more people out running.  I always wonder what session they’re doing and what they’re training for.  And today, it was a pleasant distraction to bump into a fellow London Marathoner and fundraiser.  Nick works for local charity SpecialEffect and despite saying “never again” after completing the London Marathon in 2013 has found himself back in training for the 2015 event.

Good luck with the training Nick!

I’m running the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon for African Children’s Fund, an Oxfordshire charity doing great things in East Africa to help children be children and to gain the education they deserve.  At 7 pence for a portion of porridge even small donations can make a real difference so please donate here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/runningdanw


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