#Janathon Day 22 – Back in the Game!

I like to feel a bit nervous before a race; it makes me ready.  Feeling nervous before a training run is something I’ve not felt before but as I shut the door to head for a club run tonight, my tummy did a belly flop.  And then I remembered my marathon motivation.

After Tuesday night’s easy 6k run with my running group, tonight was all about stepping up to the next level following my foot niggle.  A 4.7 mile run at a comfortable pace would be the next item on the recovery checklist.  Absolutely nothing out of my normal comfort zone but amazingly scary when a week earlier you were struggling to walk, let alone run.

I started the run chatting to one of the ladies I trained for a couple of months before Christmas – she’d just put herself well outside her comfort zone by completing the Hell Runner at the weekend; a 10 and a bit mile extreme cross country run, including water so deep you need to swim.  I think I’ll stick to roads and the odd trail!

It was a great to have a chat and it also meant I didn’t get carried away and burn off at a speed that wouldn’t be sensible.  It also allowed my fellow runner to push herself a little more than she might normally do, so we were both benefiting.

On a couple of occasions, there were comments about the pace being “hard” or “a bit fast” and I offered to slow down but her determination said to keep going.  Fair play.

As we approached the end of the route, and with some foot steps approaching from behind, she shot off for a sprint finish (without me even suggesting it) to finish on a high.  I was really impressed and hope that she is just as happy with herself.  Hopefully she will start to believe that she can run faster than she thinks she can.

From my point of view, I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve covered the best part of 6 miles (with the 1k jog to and from the leisure centre) with no ill effects.  I’m not planning an interval or speed session this weekend.  I don’t want to lose my recovery discipline.  I will try to get out for another short-ish run on Saturday and then an easy longer run on Sunday.  It’s nearly time to go the #extramile again!


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