#Janathon 2015 Day 20 – Running Return

After what has felt like an eternity, I have completed my first run since picking up a foot niggle.  I’d hoped that resting since Thursday would be enough to get back for a slow and very easy 6k with my Tuesday night group but I was still nervous on my way to meet them.

Walking to the Leys was all fine and I went for a short jog while waiting for the group to assemble.  No pain.  So far so good.  A gentle warm up followed by a town centre run meant I could always cut the run short and hold an alternative session from the sidelines.  I needn’t have worried.

Whilst I could “feel” my foot there was no pain, not even discomfort.  The trouble was I was struggling to relax, struggling to not think about my foot, struggling not to hold myself awkwardly.  It was strange – it felt like the first day of school when you hand as forgotten how to write your own name!

My legs felt tired but all is good.  A relief that I can start building back up to my marathon training.  I’m going to have to dig deep and keep remembering:

“What would I tell my own runners to do”

All I have to do is keep patience and self-control, knowing that I’ve got plenty of time to prepare for London.


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