#Janathon 2015 Day 19 – The Multi-Marathoner #MarathonStory

So with still no running due to my foot niggle I’m continuing to draw inspiration from the marathon stories I collected back in November.  After looking at some first timers yesterday, today’s attention turns to the people who must love marathons and might struggle to remember their first marathon – the marathon addicts!

First up is WindsorAndy who, even since he sent me his #MarathonStory, has completed another marathon.  Oh, and a 45 mile Ultra!

windsorandyAfter a sub-3 hour marathon in Florence at the end of last year, Andy has just completed the Country to Capital 45 mile ultra in 6 hours 29.  Check out Andy’s long distance adventures over on his blog at www.shutupandrun.co.uk

Next up is another globe-trotting marathoner, Deon:

deongouws_credoThe Otter looks amazing but not sure I’ll be taking it on just yet!

TheOtterAnd finally, for today at least, is someone who took on the epic multi-marathon challenge of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks and ran from Paris to London for Rethink Mental Illness:52marathonmanFor all things health and fitness go to Kevin’s website http://www.honestfitness.co.uk

Having not even started my first marathon, reading about these 3 guys who’ve done over 200 marathons (or longer) is a little daunting but inspiring at the same time.  Although I don’t think I can even contemplate a second marathon before I complete my first.  And I’m sure MrsTWymer will be glad to hear that!


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