#Janathon 2015 Day 16 – RICE

Well, yesterday’s niggle has improved slightly but still sore.  Taking the opportunity to RICE it as I sit for a night in with my old mate and my very own running legend Steve Naylor.

It appears, after looking back through previous Janathon years that it’s  tradition for me to mention him at least once!

Anyway, the niggle is not only an inconvenience to my marathon training plans but it’s also a disappointment because I shalln’t be able to go for a run with Steve tomorrow.  I say “with Steve”, but it’s very much him running with me – there’s no way I could match his speed.  I think his 10k pace would leave me hanging after about 400 metres.  In fact, I’m not even sure I could get up to his 10k pace; he’s a sub-31 runner!

Here’s a picture of my inconvenience (and leading by good example to any of my runners who are reading!):


And who knows what RICE stands for?

Compression Comfortable support

(British Athletics now prefers the term “comfortable support” rather than compression)

PS. #shortgate is still rumbling on!


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