#Janathon 2015 Day 15 – Pain in the…

On Tuesday night when running with my group of amazing runners I had a slight feeling in my left foot.  Like I’d laced up a bit too tight and squashed my foot slightly.  Not pain, not even discomfort really, just a feeling.

It felt fine tonight so I hot footed it out for an interval session.  The feeling came back but I was fine with that.  I was sure it would settle and fade.

It wasn’t too bad but as I neared the end of my second set I realised that, rather than fading away, in fact it was getting worse.  And I could feel myself adjusting my gait to compensate.  Not good.

I curtailed my session and tried to jog home but it was still sore so I walked as briskly as I could, balancing the discomfort with trying to stay warm.

I’ve rested it the best I can this evening but it’s still sore after a few steps.  The pain is in a very unusual place so it’s hard to figure out what it is or what I’ve done.  So a few days of rest lay ahead, hoping it’s just a little thing that’ll sort itself out so I can then get back to marathon training!


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