#Janathon 2015 Day 8 – No Man’s Land

Yesterday’s Janathon action was all about new running shoes but today was back to the basics: running.  Thursday night is club run night and my first for a few weeks so I was looking forward to it.

It was great to catch up with some of the ladies I’d started to coach in the autumn and hear about how they’re getting on.  Just like my Tuesday night group, they’re full of enthusiasm which is so refreshing.

For me, tonight was going to be trial a marathon pace run for 5 miles so with a 4.7 mile route and a 6.4 mile route to choose from.  The longer route was a nicer route, and included the opportunity to cut short if required.  My concern was where I would sit with my pacing.

After recent discussions with my coach, I wanted to be pacing myself between 5:19 and 5:27 minutes per km to set my training off on the right track.  But where would that put me when we’re out on the run.

That pace was definitely going to put me behind the usual guys I run with and might be too quick to be with the ladies I’d been coaching so perhaps I’d meet some new people?  Alas, for most of the way I found myself in no man’s land; too slow to keep up with the group ahead, too fast to allow the group behind to catch up.

Then I approached two people I recognised – two ladies who’ve occassionally been to my Tuesday night group.  I slowed to have a quick catch up which, as luck would have it, gave one of my Witney Road Runner compatriots to burst clear of the group behind me and catch up.  After saying goodbye to Melissa and Debbie, Lucy and I started chatting and got to a nice comfortable pace.

Having only been at the club for a year and with over 200 members, I’m never sure who is new or who is just someone I’ve not met before but it turns out Lucy was new – in fact it was her first session after moving to the area from London.  It also turned out that we have very similar PBs at 5k, 10k and half marathon so perhaps I won’t be left in no man’s land.

Oh, tonight’s run?  It ended up being 10k with an average pace of 5:22 minutes per kilometre.  A little longer than planned but bang on target pace.

I love going to the club but balancing being a social runner and taking my training seriously is a difficult balance – especially as I need every session to count, what with coaching on a Tuesday.  I may have to make some temporary sacrifices and it won’t be my training plan.  We’ll see how it goes as my training progresses.  🙂


One thought on “#Janathon 2015 Day 8 – No Man’s Land”

  1. People seem to come and go at my club so I too find myself unable to work out who is new and who is not. Nice to one run the same pace as you

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