#Janathon 2015 Day 6 – The Running Group

Those of you that have read my blog for a while know that I love running.  You’ll also know that I love running so much, I love to help other people learn to love running.  Well, Tuesday night is the night I lead a small band of new runners to improve their running.

After a hectic day at work, a run can be just the thing to relax.  What I’ve found even better is getting out with a bunch of enthusiastic and determined people.  It’s so refreshing to see people new (or returning) to running.  It reminds me how I felt when I started out.

Normal service resumed tonight after one quieter session before Christmas and a postponed session (due to ice) prior to New Year.  In fact, the first session of 2015 saw 4 new, fresh faces keen to get running more.

A minimum of 6k was covered – some of the group covered more ground by using loop backs – which is great considering some of the group couldn’t even run for 600 metres back in March.

It still amazes me how people new to running turn up, week after week, in the darkest, coldest and usually wettest time of year to do something way out of their comfort zone.  It’s inspiring!

If you love running and have even just one hour a week that you can spare I highly recommend becoming a British Athletic “Leader in Running Fitness“.  Who knows where it might lead – for me, it led to taking the full Coach qualification and has just enhanced my love of running even further (through helping other love running more too)!


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