#Janathon 2015 Day 5 – The Quiz

As is becoming a tradition, with an “-athon” comes one night that involves a night at the monthly charity pub quiz in aid of African Children’s Fund, the charity that I’m running and fundraising for at the London Marathon.

We came a respectable third in the quiz and my ticket was drawn to have a chance in the “lucky keys” competition.  I wasn’t lucky enough so the £78.50 jackpot rolls over to next month!

As a result of the first day back at work after the all-too-short festive break (not as much time for running as I thought!) and having to head out for the quiz there was no running tonight.  Not even the strength and conditioning work I thought I might squeeze in.  I guess I covered a good few thousand steps at work fixing people’s minor IT problems, despite me not having worked for IT for 8 years!  Does that count?


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