#Janathon 2015 Day 4 – The Last Easy Week

As I’ve mentioned already, I’m preparing to take on my first marathon in April at the London Marathon in aid of African Children’s Fund.  I’ve already become a lab rat in order to test my body and I’ve sat with my coach and mentor to talk through the training strategy.

I’ll share more about my strategy and training plan in future posts but today is all about revelling in one thing: the end of my last easy running week until the end of April!

I didn’t hurry out of bed.  There were only 10 miles on the agenda so no need to be out early.  And with the velux still covered in ice at 8am, if I left it a little the conditions would be less slippy.  The last thing I wanted to do was get injured on the eve of my biggest block of training ever!

Eventually I got togged up – double long sleeves, gloves, wooly hat, a pair of my new Ashmei merino socks (one of my Christmas pressies – a fabulous running sock) and, despite the chill, shorts.

Fantastic Merino socks from Ashmei
Fantastic Merino socks from Ashmei

Unless I’m coaching (I qualified as a British Athletics coach in November) I don’t tend to wear long legs for winter, much to my wife’s constant amazement!  Although I must admit if the temperature falls a few more degrees below freezing I might consider it.

The temperature this morning wasn’t too bad – a gentle zero degrees.  The air was thick with mist and fog but at least that meant it was still; saving my face from feeling too cold.

My run illustrated on SmashRun after importing the GPX file
My run illustrated on SmashRun after importing the GPX file

Ten miles at an easy effort was the distance to cover.  I had the perfect easy, if not a little boring, route in mind.  I knew that if I headed out to Stanton Harcourt and back, it’d be 10 miles exactly.  The first (and last) mile and a half is through the town, then it’s a single track, tarmac road all the way.  On a Sunday morning it’s relatively quiet and most of the motorists are very courteous.

I’m conscious that my marathon training will need to involve just as much mental training as physical training so when the mist and fog meant the usual vistas across the fields were obscured, I wasn’t worried.  It gave me an opportunity to practice switching off.

The details of my run viewed in SmashRun
The details of my run viewed in SmashRun

A surprisingly pleasant run, bang on target heart rate.  And now to the full fun of marathon training!

If you run with a GPS device and you love data and stats as much as me then you’ll love SmashRun.  It’s a great way to visualise your running and there’s a selection of features that not only track, but can also motivate your running.  Check out SmashRun here.


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