#Janathon 2015 Day 3 – First Run of 2015

It’s day 3 of Janathon and finally I’ve recorded my first run of 2015.  And it was a special one.

This morning I opted to stay in bed instead of getting up to go to parkrun but it wasn’t because of the weather and it wasn’t to avoid a run.  With a long run due tomorrow morning today was the last chance of the festive break to lay in.  And I’d promised The Wife that we’d go for an “urbanrun” instead – it’d be less muddy than parkrun.

With the rain tapping on the bedroom’s velux, I thought it might disuade The Wife from heading out for the run.

I shouldn’t have doubted her.

The Wife hasn’t been running for long (just over a year ago she decided “if you can’t beat ‘im, join ‘im) but she’s got a great stubborn streak and we’re trying to harness it during her runs.

It turns out she had it with her today.  The weather didn’t stop her setting foot outside and, in fact, it didn’t stop her putting in one of her strongest 5k runs to date.

It wasn’t a personal best in terms of time (that’s not surprising considering the weather was terrible and a couple of road crossings slowed us to a standstill) but it was definitely a personal best in terms of attitude and attack: her determination to get stuck in despite the rain and digging in through the last kilometre to increase the pace was awesome.

I’m very proud of her.  And she should be too.


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