#Janathon 2015 Day 1 – Marathon De Ja Vu

Back in November I asked people to share their marathon experiences to help me get a feel for what I’ve let myself in for as I look to take on my first marathon in April at the London Marathon in aid of African Children’s Fund.  Through January I will be using my Janathon posts to share a selection of them with you.

The Janathon 2015 Day 1 #MarathonStory comes from:

@marathon_pat from the marathonpat blog

Not only is Pat a close friend and personal running inspiration but he was stupid enough to take on a track marathon (yes, that’s a thing!).  And he won!

Pat’s #MarathonStory

  • Why did you start marathon running?

I once told myself I couldn’t and then my close friend Chris Bold did one so I had to give it a go.

  • What do you wish you’d known before running your first marathon?

How addictive it was.

  • How many marathons have you run?


  • What is your marathon PB and where/when did you set it?

3h 04m 43s (ish) London 2012

  • What is your favourite marathon training session?

Monster track efforts! Warm up, 1600m @ 5:40, 400 recover, 1600m @ 5:40, recover, 800m @ 5:20, recover, 800m @ 5:20, recover, 1600m @ 5:40, recover, 1600m @ 5:40, recover, die, cool down.

  • What is your favourite moment from your marathon running career?

Winning the Crewe De Ja Vu track marathon!  Check out what it takes to race 105 (and a half) laps round an athletics track in my review of the 2011 Crewe De Ja Vu marathon.

2011 De Ja Vu track marathon winner, @marathon_pat
2011 De Ja Vu track marathon winner, @marathon_pat
  • Where and when is your next marathon?

Virgin Money London Marathon 2015

Do you have access to an athletics track?  Would you have what it takes to complete a marathon round a track?  What’s the longest track race you’ve ever done?

I created the #MarathonStory concept to gear up for running my first marathon.  I am running the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon in aid of African Children’s Fund who are a small charity doing great things in East Africa to promote education and projects that enable children to be children.  Just 7p buys a portion of porridge to be dished out at school.

As you can see, every penny really does count, so if you can spare anything at all please donate on my fundraising page or help spread the word by sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you!


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