Your #MarathonStory with #Janathon

Back in November I reached out to the online running community: as part of the build up to my first marathon I wanted to hear from people who’d been there, done that.  Through January I’ll be sharing the best bits from the 100 responses through my Janathon posts but here’s a few snippets to whet your appetite.

Having decided to take on the marathon after watching last year’s London Marathon I felt a little out of my depth – despite qualifying as a British Athletics Endurance Coach, I’d never run further than a half marathon.  Having been helpful and supportive in the past, I went out and asked the Twittersphere.  It didn’t disappoint!

Within two weeks I had collected 100 responses to the following questions:

  • Why did you start marathon running?
  • What do you wish you’d known before running your first marathon?
  • How many marathons have you run?
  • What is your marathon PB and where/when did you set it?
  • What is your favourite marathon training session?
  • What is your favourite moment from your marathon running career?
  • Where and when is your next marathon?

And now I have an appropriate way to share them with you!

Janathon, the “annual festival of exercises and excuses” where you attempt to exercise and blog every day, will form an ideal way to share the stories with as many people as possible.

What makes a marathon?
What makes a marathon?

And to get you geared up for the fun I’ve pulled out some highlights that you’ll get to hear more about through January:

A collective experience of 673.5 marathons

One runner having completed 70-80 marathons

Two world records

One run entirely on a running track

A fastest time of 02:23:49

A collective average PB of 3 hours and 31 minutes

London Marathon is most popular as people’s next marathon

Some are running further afield: in America, Australia and Japan

Some are going the extra mile: with ultras and ironman races

But 18% of people haven’t decided where their next marathon will be

And 6% said they won’t be running another one

And finally, the strangest fact of all:

1% of respondents who were questioned about their previous marathon experiences hadn’t even run a marathon!  And no, I didn’t answer the questions. 🙂

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