Trail Running Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty: #UrbanTrails

I’ve tried a host of new running things this year.  One thing that opened a whole new world of running to me was trail running.  Taking myself off the beaten tarmac in the summer was great.  It’s perhaps not as inviting in the winter.  But trails don’t have to be muddy: the guys at have set up a new sub-site called Urban Trails.

I found trail running for the first time at the Ashmei Ambassadors event I attended in the spring and then meeting the founder of in the summer got me thinking; I might be a road runner but I don’t need to do all my running on the roads.

Living on the edge of the Cotswolds meant I could try my hand on the trails with ease.  I loved it so much I decided to dedicate some of my Cornwall holiday in the autumn to running some more trails – including following the ups and downs of the coastal path from Cape Cornwall to Land’s End.

It was fantastic to run without worrying about pace.  Running for adventure was fun.  Who knew?!

Well, winter weather doesn’t tend to encourage people to trail run (well, except for all those nutters doing cross country races) but worry not.  The guys at have found a way to keep trail running over winter.

Find #UrbanTrails or share your own
Find #UrbanTrails or share your own

Urban Trails is their new sub site, initially created to capture trails in and around London.  And what’s more, you have the opportunity to win prizes purely by submitting your own London #UrbanTrails.

To win all you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on Trailburning.
  2. Record a trail with your favourite running app (Strava, MapMyRun) or device (Garmin, Suunto).
  3. Take a few photos to show off your trail, and publish on Trailburning.
  4. Any London trail selected to appear on Urban Trails will win!

The small print – one prize pack per person.

So what’s stopping you?  Head over to to see what #UrbanTrails have already been logged (including my Sightseeing Spectacular) and there share a few of your own.

3 thoughts on “Trail Running Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty: #UrbanTrails”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Nice post. Yesterday I was out playing on the fells in the snow, hail and ice – winter has arrived!

    Privileged to have a great variety of different trails here in South Cumbria and every one is an adventure as you watch the seasons change around you.

    I just wanted to add a plug for the mental and physical health benefits of trail and off road running particularly being easier on the joints than the tarmac.

    I think it’s great what you’ve achieved – I’m trying to set up a local parkrun to get folks out and exercising – as well as those who already do run.

    Keep up the good work – no doubt catch ore posts in Janathon?

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