The Cold of Winter: Run or Not

After a surprisingly mild autumn, winter has definitely arrived this week.  The temperature has fallen and number of bugs has risen. Does your running suffer in the winter?

I’ve had such a great year of running all I want to do is keep on running.  So when something gets in the way of a run I feel flat.

Not sure if I’m brave or stupid but I’m fortunate the cold temperatures and dark nights don’t tend to stop me from running. If I do decide to stay cosy at home then I very much view that as a choice.

What is more frustrating is when the choice is taken out of your hands.

Tonight I missed my first run in ages due to being under the weather, rather than the weather itself.  Let’s be clear: I’ve not got anything serious.  It’s not even as serious as man flu.  My nose is just a bit sniffly, throat’s a bit croaky and limbs have been a bit achey.  I know some say you can run with a cold and I desperately wanted to go for a club run tonight but I put my coach’s hat on:

I’m not feeling right so am I going to be able to get the most of my run? No.  With the huge task of training for my first marathon in the spring, would it be wise to push my luck and run for the sake of it?  No.  After the busiest running year of my short running career was it acceptable to take the night off.  Absolutely!

Despite my desire to run tonight I’ve got the long game on the horizon.  Now is the ideal time to recharge and get rid of this cold as swiftly as I can.  I’m not planning on taking a break – I’ve got to transition to my marathon training – but sitting out of a run tonight could well be sensible.

At least I get to enjoy a night in with my very understanding running-widow of a wife. 😉

Does your running suffer in the winter?   Do you still run when you don’t feel well?   Have you got any magic tricks to keep yourself healthy over winter?


4 thoughts on “The Cold of Winter: Run or Not”

  1. I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life, so this year abroad, I am experiencing the hardships of being a cold-weather runner for the first time (warm-weather has hardships too, like you can only run morning or evening and then still, you’re soaked in sweat). I’m going to try and just get out there… that’s most of the battle. If I’m dressed warmly enough in layers, I can make it through the run… just need to get out there. 🙂

  2. How often do you normally run Dan? I have always wondered if my twice a week effort is worthwhile.

    1. Running twice a week is great but it all depends what you want to achieve. The last few months I’ve coached twice a week and ran for myself twice a week. When training for half marathons I’ve tended to run 3 times a week. And I’m looking at running 4 times a week for my marathon training.

      What you do in your sessions can make a difference too.

      If you’re running for general fitness then twice a week is great. If you are training for something specific or would like to go further or faster then it might be worth a closer look at what you’re doing. By all means drop me an email if you’d like me to look at it in more detail.

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