Look Who’s TORQ-ing: Tasty Energy Gels

This year my running pace has come on in leaps and bounds so I wanted to take my race nutrition more seriously but I hadn’t got on with any of the bars and gels I’d previously tried.  That was until I found TORQ.  Anyone for apple crumble?

Up until recently I struggled to even take on water during a run let alone fuel.  Even just a sip or two of water would throw me off my stride.  Energy drinks would give me a stitch, gels tasted plastic-y and trying to eat energy bars sucked every ounce of moisture from my mouth.  As a result I’d resorted to jelly babies.

I knew that if I wanted to continue my PB progress to the half marathon I would need to find a way to keep hydrated and fuelled.  Thankfully I stumbled across something that has transformed my race refuelling – it’s now less gruelling, more gourmet:

Just one of the mouthwatering TORQ gel flavours
Just one of the mouthwatering TORQ gel flavours

TORQ gels are amazing!

They not only provide you with 30g of optimised carbs and electrolytes but taste sensational.  As well as the Raspberry Ripple pictured above, there is Strawberry Yoghurt, Orange & Banana as well as my personal favourite, Apple Crumble.

This may all sound a little far fetched.  I thought so too, until I tasted them.  It sounds stupid but they really do taste of what they’re supposed to be.  To be honest, they’re so tasty, I’ve got to be careful that my wife doesn’t find my munching on them in the kitchen!

I’ve had no issues with a nasty after-taste; no problems from my tummy either.  My only challenge was learning to squeeze, eat and breathe at the same time.  Not as easy as it sounds but I am now able to consume a gel without choking, or stopping, or smearing half the gel over my face and hands.

For the caffeine freaks amongst you, TORQ also have a couple of caffeinated flavours using natural Guarana extract – Forest Fruits and Banoffee.

And as if it couldn’t get any better, the guys at TORQ are friendly and helpful too.  I made a panicked call to them two days before the Great North Run after realising I’d only got one gel left.  They were more than willing to arrange for an urgent delivery but first helped me check for local stockists.  Turns out a local toy shop (with a cycle section) stocks the flavour-packed sachets so I was able to pick some up and travel to Newcastle safe in the knowledge I had gels.

I’d recommend these gels to anyone, especially if you’ve not got on with gels previously.

What do you think of TORQ flavours?  What do you use to refuel on longer runs?  Do you have any unusual race refuelling habits?  What flavour gel would you like to see?


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