Keeping Hydrated: Morning, Nuun & Night

In the past I’ve paid little attention to race fueling or hydration, previously leaving things to chance.  As improving PBs is getting harder I’ve started to consider my fueling and hydration strategy.

Co-incidentally, or perhaps it was the running (or Twitter) gods, I noticed a tweet from the team at nuun hydration asking for willing reviewers of their hydration tabs.  Well, I stuck my hand up and a few days later I got a little package through the post.

A lovely pressie to come home to.
A lovely pressie to come home to.

Inside the box was a drinks bottle and three small, but perfectly formed tubes resembling psychedelic, over sized shotgun cartridges.  Within each tube were 12 discs packed with key electrolytes – the mineral salts that help the body function at it’s optimal level.

With no carbs and less than 6 calories, the tabs not only allow the water and electrolytes to be quickly absorbed but also free you up to use your own favourite fuel source (I’ll hopefully have some more to say on this topic very soon!).

Info from nuun about the electrolytes contained in their tabs
Info from nuun about the electrolytes contained in their tabs

To make the consumption of electrolytes a little more palatable the guys at nuun have kindly developed a huge, twelve flavours to choose from.  The three I’d been given to test were Lemon+Lime, Tropical and Grape.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and picked Tropical to jazz up my pre-long run water for the first time.

Even with just a single “plink”, dropping the tab into a pint of water brought some hazy flash backs from my university days.  The fruity aromas brought me back into the present as the tab completed its disappearing trick, delicately tinting the water in the process.

You’ll be pleased to know the tab efficiently gets on with dissolving so you don’t have long to wait to start your hydration.

During my normal day I pretty much only drink water so I guess I don’t find its tastelessness boring so as a result, I was bracing myself for nuun to hit my taste buds like a ton of bricks.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the flavours are fresh and subtle, rather than being overpowering and plastic-y.

For me, the Tropical was a bit too busy and, whilst the slight zing of the Lemon+Lime helped to wake me up one morning I think of the 3 flavours I tried, Grape was my favourite.

It’s hard to judge whether nuun has had an impact on my running performance just yet (although after a heavy night out last night it certainliy helped me through my long run this morning!).  Time will tell as I continue to use nuun through my training, ready to take on the Great North Run next month.

To find out more about nuun hydration visit their website at and discover (and potentially purchase) their full range of 12 flavours.

Do you have a hydration strategy?  What works for you?  Do you separate your hydration and fuelling or do you prefer to take on energy drinks to tick both boxes in one go?


3 thoughts on “Keeping Hydrated: Morning, Nuun & Night”

  1. I am starting to think about hydration as my runs get longer and longer. Did you combine nuun with any energy gels? Keep us updated!

    1. Hi Ben, at the moment I have been experimenting with nuun on it’s own but am searching for gels to experiment with too. I’m hoping to have more news on that front soon so keep your eyes peeled on my blog!

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