This year’s #Juneathon: Brought to you by the alphabet

My final day of Juneathon was all about recovery from my trail run on Sunday (it’s surprising the additional muscles you use on uneven ground) and of course writing about it so I’ll use my final Juneathon post to recap my alphabetic adventures.

Hard, hilly and a visit to Hampstead

Quiz win!


Patiently persevering

Mota-vation motivation

Balance & boogie-ing

Tummy trouble

RunBritain rankings

Newbie runners

Fatigue after a fail

Unrelenting Juneathon

It’s all about I

Laps of the Leys

Knackered knee

Gingerly does it

Sick note sponsored by Sipsmith



Just a mile?

Detour delight

Exciting entry


Writing about running

Adventures abound

Why Juneathon?

Because it’s great fun to engage with other runners during a festival of running, writing and excuses!  Give and gain inspiration and see just how creative runners can be both with their blogging and often with their excuses and activities!

If you like the sound of it why not try out Janathon, the winter equivalent.  Although that’s a whole different challenge!


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