Reading, wRiting & Running: Like The Wind

With tight hamstrings from yesterday’s club run and a Friday night curry beckoning I side-step real activity and bring you another alternative Juneathon post.  Among the running swag I was fortunate to collect on my recent birthday was a copy of something that belies it’s modest description as a “magazine”.

The brainchild of Simon Freeman, ex-smoker turned running evangelist, and his distance-running marketing guru wife, Julie, Like The Wind offers a new angle on the traditional running mag.

Stunning visuals on the website of Like The Wind
Stunning visuals on the website of Like The Wind

Not only is Like The Wind not just a magazine, it’s not like any of the running mags you’ll find on a regular newsagent’s shelves.

From inspirational, heart-warming stories...
From inspirational, heart-warming stories…

This new publication, currently only 2 issues old, contains a rich variety of running-related features: with fantastical adventures, everyday-runner chronicles and inspirational tales.

Whether you need a running fix when your injured, a motivational kick up the backside to get outside or just an enjoyable read while you recover, this publication is right up your street, or trail or track, if you prefer! great graphics and...
…to great graphics…

You won’t find any of those generic training plans or photos of models who’ve blatantly never entered a race in their life.  Instead the pages are filled with beautiful graphics, gritty photos and lots and lots of stunning stories from runners who have a tale to tell.

...amazing adventures!
…and amazing adventures!

And let’s be honest how many of you follow magazine training plans?  As an aspiring coach, I hope the answer is none!

Who knows – maybe I’ll feature within the covers of this fresh, new running treat at some point in the future.  If you like what you see then find out more at the Like The Wind website!

The cover of Like The Wind issue #2
The cover of Like The Wind issue #2

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