#Juneathon Day 26: Brought to you by the letter O

Tonight I was back to a proper Juneathon activity: running!

The weather was turning a bit grizzly and drizzly but at least that meant it was a bit cooler than it has been.

A 45 minute out-and-back formed the basis of the session – everyone runs tge same route for 23 minutes and then turns and retrace their steps, aiming to get back to the start in 22 minutes.

I completely overlooked my outbound pace having ended up chatting to a fellow club member meaning I was a bit out of puff at the turn.

It’s amazing how running with others pushes you on and whilst I didn’t manage to get back in 22 minutes – I just overshot 23.

My GPS didn’t pick up a signal in time for the start of the session but I managed to start it on the way back recording that I’d run 5.14k both ways which means I covered 10.28k in a few seconds over 46 minutes.

That would be a PB if it’d been a race, leaving me in an optimistic mood!  Looks like I’m getting quicker and I’m only running a couple of times a week.  There’s still work to do but bring on the Great North Run!


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